Over the past year we have updated our website and started Facebook and Twitter pages.  Most of this has been done through the efforts of Br. Joseph Maria.  But as many know, priests and brothers do eventually get transferred around.  This might happen to Br. Joseph Maria after his ordination, or at some later date.  But sooner or later it will happen.  Since we don’t want this to fall apart we are looking to make it parish based and run by our parishioners.

So we are looking organize a small team of volunteers to be able to help with this.  We need people that are able to take photos (even just on their phone) during select parish events and others that would be able to post them to our website.  Posts like this one are automatically shared to Facebook and Twitter and also emailed out to our mailing list – a post once send everywhere system. We can provide clear instructions to help with this.

Easiest way to respond is commenting on this post on Facebook and let us know if you are interested.