This week’s bulletin is now available to download 27 May 2018 The Most Holy Trinity The Book of Life is available in the church foyers to write your prayer intention. Please note, there are some important changes to the sacramental program. See bulletin for more information. Congratulations to George Andrew who has served as an… Read More

Bulletin is now available to download 6 May 2018 This weekend we have the third collection for Charitable Works Fund (Tax Deductible) Confirmation Classes have now begun and will continue over the coming weeks. For more information and parish events, please see bulletin notices. … Read More

  Reminder: Tonight (May 2nd) we will be holding the Confirmation Parent Meeting for the parents of children enrolled in the Confirmation Programme for 2018. The meeting is at 7:30 pm in the Montefano Hall.  An post-enrolment email has been emailed or send via sms to all parents who have children enrolled. Further information and details… Read More

Over the past year we have updated our website and started Facebook and Twitter pages.  Most of this has been done through the efforts of Br. Joseph Maria.  But as many know, priests and brothers do eventually get transferred around.  This might happen to Br. Joseph Maria after his ordination, or at some later date. … Read More

The mass times on ANZAC Day 2018 will be normal public holiday Mass times.  So 8am at St. Theresa’s and 10:30am at St. Benedict’s.  Please note this means there will be no Wednesday evening mass.… Read More

This week our Facebook page passed 50 likes and our emailing list passed 50 subscriptions! Which is really good since we only started less then two months ago!  If you have not done so already head over to our Facebook page and like it.  If you want to get our notices by email, visit our… Read More

Sacramental time is a special time of grace for all in our community. This weekend, before or after the Masses, children preparing for FIRST HOLY COMMUNION will ask members of the community to be “Prayer Partners.” Accepting an invitation to be a “Prayer Partner” involves taking the prayer card and praying for the candidate during… Read More

On Saturday 14th of October at 5:30pm before the 6:00pm Vigil Mass there will be a Rosary Procession at the Shrine of St. Benedict’s Smithfield. The procession would start in the Shrine and process around it with a statue of Our Lady.  The monthly Parish BBQ will be after that Mass to which everyone is… Read More

We are ready to go to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival. We already have a number of youth from our parish registered. Registration has been extend till October 20th. If you are between Year Nine and Age 30, then come with us. Please direct your inquiries to Fr. Wojtek via the parish office. The parish… Read More

It is with deep sadness that we announce that Fr Simon Aloisi died, quickly and peacefully, around 5.30pm on Friday 8 September 2017. Fr Simon had served as an assistant priest at Arcadia and Smithfield for many years, and was parish priest of Arcadia for a period. Fr Simon had great devotion to Our Lady… Read More