The 26th of November 2017 Bulletin has all the details about up coming events, so please have a look at it. This weekend at the 6pm Vigil and the 10:30am Sunday Mass at St. Benedict’s will be a ceremony for the Children receiving their First Holy Communion.  Please keep them in your prayers at this… Read More

Find out the full details of what is happening in the parish please read the 19 November 2017 Bulletin. This Sunday we will be celebrating the feast day of our Parish’s Patroness, St. Gertrude the Great. It is also World Day of the Poor.  We continue to appeal for donations towards Charitable Works Fund (CWF)… Read More

This week our Facebook page passed 50 likes and our emailing list passed 50 subscriptions! Which is really good since we only started less then two months ago!  If you have not done so already head over to our Facebook page and like it.  If you want to get our notices by email, visit our… Read More

To night at St. Benedict’s Parish Hall after the 6:00pm Vigil Mass we had the monthly parish BBQ.  Attached to this post are some photos of it.  It was a great community evening with plenty of food and fun activities for all the kids.  Thanks to everyone that helped prepare the evening and to all… Read More

Please check the 12 November 2017 Bulletin for full details of what is happening in the Parish, but a few things of note. This coming Saturday the 11th of November is the Parish BBQ after the 6pm Vigil as mentioned in our last post. Also this weekend there will be a third collection for the… Read More

Two events we would like to draw attention to: On Saturday 11th of November we will have the monthly parish BBQ after the 6pm Vigil Mass in the Montefano Hall. Everyone is most welcome to come and join us. Also the FCI is Organising Cherry Picking Bus Trip to Orange Saturday: 2 December 2017 ALL… Read More

Have a look at the 5 November 2017 Bulletin as always for all the news for what is going on.  Here are some things we would like to draw attention to. A big thank you to everyone that contributed funds towards helping the youth attend the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, in particular we would like… Read More

Today, the 30th of October, is the Birthday of our assistant priest Fr. Wojtek.  We wish him many happy returns and thank him for all the good that he does here at the Parish of St. Gertrude’s.  Please keep him in your prayers on this special day.… Read More