Bulletin now available to download 18 July 2021_Bulletin   Live Stream Masses (note: some changes to previous times)/Sacramental News: Confirmation Parent Information Meeting 20th July 7pm via ZOOM. … Read More

Bulletin now available to download: 4 July 2021_Bulletin   Live Streaming Mass schedule/Act of Spiritual Communion/Communion to the Sick-Suspended… Read More

Bulletin now available to download 13 June2021_Bulletin Changes to Management of Cemeteries – Please sign the petition at saveourgraves.com.au / Monday 14th June Public Holiday Mass Times: St Theresa’s Church 8am; St Benedict’s Shrine 10.30am /  Family & Children’s Mass Sunday 27th June @ 10:30am St Benedict’s/… Read More

Bulletin now available to download: 30 May2021_Bulletin   Change to Management of Cemeteries/ Calling for Parish Volunteers / Sacramental Program News / First Holy communion will be celebrated in our Parish this weekend. … Read More

Bulletin now available to download: 2 May2021_Bulletin   Month of May dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary/First Friday/Please return your compassion boxes/Sacramental Programme News… Read More

Bulletin now available to download  25 April2021_Bulletin   Divine Mercy Family Day 1 May (guest speakers Abdallah & Sakr families) More details in bulletin/Men’s Rosary Group/Fairfield Active Maltese Seniors/… Read More