Have a look at the bulletin for the 29th of October for all the information for everything happening in the parish. Important things to take note of include that the Wednesday evening Mass time at the Shrine of St. Benedict will change to the summer time from the first of November to 7:00 pm. The… Read More

As always please check the 22 October 2017 bulletin for more details. This Sunday at 10:30 there will be a blessing of pets after the 10:30 Mass which will be held in the field behind the Montefano Hall . The youth attending the Australian Catholic Youth Festival will be making breakfast as a fundraising next… Read More

Tomorrow on Saturday 14th of October we have both our procession for Our Lady of Fatima before the 6pm Vigil and the Parish BBQ after. Also for the whole of this Month of October we are praying the Rosary for Marriages and Families.  This is before the weekday Masses at the Shrine of St. Benedict,… Read More

We continue to draw attention to the Rosary that is being prayed daily during this month of October for Families.  It is prayed at St. Benedict’s Shrine 15 minutes before the weekday Masses and at 7pm in the evening at St. Theresa’s. This weekend there will be an appeal by the Rural Indigenous Ministries Support.… Read More

There is a number of things coming in October to keep an eye our for: All of October the rosary will be said daily for the intention of Families, in response to the marriage plebiscite. This will before Masses at St. Benedict’s and at 7pm at St. Theresa’s. There is a special prayer for each… Read More

We continue this week calling awareness to the marriage plebiscite.  Please see links at the bottom of our website or on the home page for more information.  This October will be a month of Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Families.  There will be in particular: Rosary 15 minutes before weekday Masses in Smithfield during… Read More

Thank you to all who came and joined Fr Jarek in celebrating his 25th Anniversary of Ordination last Friday. A special thanks to everyone who were involved in preparing and helping to make this celebration a beautiful and successful evening. This week we continue to draw everyone’s attention to the marriage plebiscite as the survey… Read More

Child Protection Sunday, 10 September 2017 Child Protection Sunday, the pinnacle event in the parishes to celebrate Child Protection Week 4-10 September, 2017. The theme this year is ‘See Me, Hear Me’, giving a voice to children and young people in relation to what they need adults to do to help keep them safe. Prayer… Read More