The 1st of November is the Feast of All Saints, and on the 2nd of November All Souls.  On these two days the Mass Times will be as follows:

All Saints – 1st of November

7:00 am at St. Therese’s
9:30 am at St. Benedict’s (School Mass)
7:00 pm at St. Benedict’s (Followed by Devotions)

All Souls – 2nd of November

7:00 am at St. Therese’s
9:15 am at St. Benedict’s
7:00 pm at St. Benedict’s

November Masses

During the Month of November we pray for all our deceased relatives and friends. During this month a total of 30 Masses will be collectively offered for the intentions of the deceased at both St. Benedict’s Shrine and St. Therese’s Church.

On Sundays this Mass will be at 10.30am at St. Benedict’s Shrine and 9am at St. Therese’s Church as well as the daily Masses during the week. If you wish to include your loved ones in these collective Masses offered for the deceased during the month of November, then please fill out the November Mass Envelopes which are available in the Church foyer and on the seats.