The Liturgy Committee is responsible for facilitating the liturgical and spiritual life of our parish. They look at the “big picture” to help enhance and improve liturgical celebrations to encourage full, conscious and active participation by the whole community.

The Liturgy Committee usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month. Members are also encouraged to continue their own liturgical formation and assist in preparing liturgical celebrations, particularly leading up to major feast days eg. Easter, Christmas, Pentecost and so on.

Major Areas of Responsibility include,

  1. The liturgical life of the parish as a whole.
  2. The development of policies which affect liturgy planning and practice for the year and for special occasions e.g. Sacraments of Initiation, Weddings, Funerals.
  3. The establishment of Liturgy Preparation Groups for the church seasons and as necessary.
  4. The provision of resources, support and encouragement to the above groups or as needed.
  5. The planning of programs of continuing education in liturgy for the Liturgy Committee, the preparation groups, the liturgical ministers and the parish as a whole.
  6. The on-going evaluation of the liturgical life and practice of the parish.
  7. Receive reports from the Liturgy Preparation Groups and the various liturgical ministry groups e.g. Children’s Liturgy of the Word, when necessary.
  8. Collaboration with other groups that will in any way enhance or impinge on the liturgical life of the parish e.g. Parish Sacramental Programs, Catechists, Schools.
  9. Advice to the Pastor or Parish Pastoral Council when requested.
  10. Advice to the Church Restructuring Committee on the renovation of the church.
  11. Set an annual budget for presentation to the Parish Finance Committee.

For more information, please contact Anna Kliebert via the Parish Office.

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