Feast of St Anne & St Joachim

Gradual Reopening
It is good to see that we have been transitioning very well with the gradual reopening of our Parish.
Recent Government regulations which came into effect on Friday 24th July have limited funerals and places and worship to a maximum of 100 persons, providing there is a four square metre space around each person, with the exception of people from the same household.
Therefore, St. Benedict’s Shrine can have a maximum of 100 people. St. Therese has a maximum of 50 people, and the Montefano Hall a maximum of 90 persons. We will still have in place an “overflow” Mass in the Montefano Hall if the need should arise.
Archbishop Anthony Fisher has also issued a Seventh Pastoral Letter.
This is available on the Parish Notice Board outside St. Benedict’s Shrine, or you can access a copy on the St. Mary’s Cathedral website: https://www.stmaryscathedral.org.au/
Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to accommodate these new regulations

Parish Sunday Mass Timetable Questionnaire
The Parish Pastoral Council is conducting a questionnaire regarding our Parish Sunday Mass Timetable. Of particular interest are our 7.30am and 9.00am Masses in English at St. Therese Church and the alteration of the Parish Sunday Mass in Italian at St. Benedict’s, which is now at 7.30am. We would particularly like to hear from those who regularly attend these Mass times. Questionnaire sheets can be found in the foyer of both churches. You can fill the questionnaire out and place in the box provided in the Church Foyer, or take the questionnaire home and return it by Sunday 9th August 2020.
Thank you for your participation in this Pastoral matter.

Blessing of Drivers of Vehicles
Owing to the current public health situation we are unfortunately not able to bless cars this year as in past years.
Instead, there will be a blessing of Drivers of Vehicles at all Masses.

Effective 24 July:
Covid 19 Safety Procedures for Our Parish:
St Gertrude’s Parish Smithfield
St Benedict’s Shrine – Smithfield
St Therese Church – Fairfield West
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney
COVID-19 Safety Plan for Our Parish to maintain a safe environment for you. Effective 24 July 2020

Seating arrangements for our Parish are as follows:
St Benedict’s Shrine – Smithfield:
Seating for up to 100 persons.

St Therese Church – Fairfield West:
Seating for up to 50 persons.

Montefano Hall – Smithfield:
Seating for up to 90 persons

Contact Tracing: Write your name and contact details on the sheets provided at the doors of
St Benedict’s Shrine, St Therese Church and the Montefano Hall.
Hand Sanitiser: Use the hand sanitiser at the doors of both churches and the Montefano Hall. This is essential.
Sanitising the church: After each service, the Churches and Montefano Hall are sanitised using commercial grade disinfectant detergent.
Seating: Sit in the allocated seating. In both the Churches there is an ‘X’ marked on the Pews and in the Montefano Hall chairs placed at social distancing for you to be seated safely. Please ONLY sit where the Pew is marked. People living in the same household may sit together in the Pews.
Confession: Confession times have resumed. Again, please only sit on the Pews with the ‘X’.
Sign of Peace – with a nod, bow, smile, or wave. No physical contact.
Receiving of Holy Communion: The recommended way of receiving Holy Communion is on the hand. People are advised about distancing and procedures when coming to receive Holy Communion.
Plan Giving & Collections: At ALL Masses, there are two boxes at the doors of the church for 1st and 2nd Collection. You can place your offering as you enter or leave the church. Alternatively, you may wish to make use of electronic transfer. Details are in the bulletin. Thank you for your continued support of your Parish and your priests.
Limiting exposure: Health guidelines encourage us not to remain for unnecessary amounts of time in groups. It is essential to maintain social distancing.
At Risk Persons: According to recommendations those at risk – (those over 70 years of age, those with any symptoms, those with compromised immune or respiratory systems), are asked to consider carefully your health and safety when considering attending a Church Service.
If you show any symptoms, please refrain from attending church services at this time.
The dispensation from Sunday Mass is still in place by the Archbishop.
However, in his latest Pastoral letter the Archbishop states that “those who are at low risk of infection and able ….. are exhorted to take all reasonable steps to attend Sunday Mass.”
Fr Jarek Zan:
Parish Priest