Please check the 18 February 2018 Bulletin. There are a number of important announcements.  During Lent there will be Stations of the Cross every Friday.  At St. Benedict’s this will be at 7pm, at St Theresa‚Äôs Church after the 7am Mass and in Italian at 7pm. Every Thursday during Lent we have Lenten Program meetings… Read More

The 11 February 2018 Bulletin is ready for you to download. Some things to note in it is that this Wednesday the 14th of February is Ash Wednesday marking the start of Lent, the time of preparation for Easter.  Mass times are 7am at Fairfield West, and 9:30am (with school) and 7pm at Smithfield. The… Read More

The 4 February 2018 Bulletin is ready for you to check. Ash Wednesday is coming soon of the 14th of February. Masses with blessing and giving of ashes are 7am St. Theresa’s 9.30am (with School) & 7pm at St. Benedict’s. Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast and abstinence. See Bulletin for details. The 2018… Read More

Please have a read of the 21 January 2018 Bulletin. Once again we would like to thank all those that donated towards new liturgical items for the church. There is also a thank you letter to all who donated money to the missions at the christmas crib. We are still seeking more people to help… Read More

Please check out our 14 January 2018 Bulletin. Somethings of particular note are: A big thank you to all that make donations towards new liturgical items for the parish. Sunday 14th of January is the Feast of St. Paul the First Hermit, please keep the Pauline Fathers in yours prayers. We are looking for more… Read More

Here is the 25th December 2017 Bulletin – Special Christmas Edition Merry Christmas from the Parish of St. Gertrude’s!… Read More

Attached are the notices for the 24 December 2017, the Fourth Sunday of Advent. The main notice is about the Mass Times for Christmas and the Christmas Season. There is also an appeal for more church cleaners, please contact the parish office for details. And of course our Christmas Greetings: God’s sign is simplicity. God’s… Read More

We have the 17 December 2017 Bulletin ready for download if you want to see what is happening the the parish. Of special note is the following: The Christmas Mass Times can be found in the bulletin or on our website.  Please note that the 6pm Mass on Sunday the 24th of December is not… Read More

Here is the 10 December 2017 Bulletin for the Second Sunday of Advent.  Please read for full details, but we would like to draw you attention to the following. There will be a Thanksgiving Mass for all families that accepted the visitation of the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima and the Icon of Our… Read More

Please check the 3 December 2017 Bulletin for details on what is happening in our Parish, including the following: Monday 4th of December there will be a meeting for all the Youth going to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival. On Wednesday 6th of December at St. Benedict’s there will be a thanks giving mass at… Read More